Back in April, I posted about people paying hundreds for "muddy jeans"- AKA designer jeans that were made to look muddy.  Well, since the outdoors 'rugged' look was ripped off, there's yet another absurd set of jeans people are paying hundreds for.

And they look like JNCO's.  If you don't remember what JNCO's are, let me jog your memory back to the 1990s- the hugely baggy jeans with a stripe down the side, that punk rock kids wore along with Airwalk sneakers and a bucket hat.  Well- that's the style my friends and I all rocked anyways, as we listened to Bush and Nine Inch Nails, attempting to defy societal norms.

Well, now, there's a pair of jeans that look like our old punk rock style, that some designer snapped an extra waist section and a huge price tag on.  Yes, they added a second waist, to make it look like you're wearing two pairs of jeans. Seriously? And they cost a whopping $695 ! Don't believe me? Check out the photo posted in a  News 10 article.

Pretty ridiculous to me.  $695 could buy a whole lot of concert tickets.  Or winter tires.  Or pay a lot of bills.  And on that note- why not try to win some extra cash this week!  Free Beer and Hot Wings Cash is back, and you can win up to $5000 each week day just by listening to Q103 on-air!