If there were a beer dedicated to the Governor, would you drink it?

On one hand, you may not like the Governor.  On the other, it's beer.  Or you may like Cuomo and beer and be totally fine with it.

A brewery in New York is releasing " The Governor's IPA" to honor Governor Cuomo.  Newyorkupstate.com posted about Swiftwater Brewing Co. in Rochester making the beer to honor Cuomo.  There is a reason that the brewery did so.  The beer was released to honor Cuomo for passing laws over the years that have helped the beer industry grow, according to the post.

The brewery isn't trying to get political.  The post discusses how they are just trying to honor what New York has done to help the craft beer industry grow.  So, that part I can get behind.  The cans themselves actually have a pretty cool design, and they don't specifically say Governor Cuomo's name anywhere on them.  They cans are just simply labelled as "The Governor's IPA", which you can check out here.

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