I grew up watching the New York Yankees on WPIX Channel 11 out of New York and I can still hear the 11 Alive "Those Yankees are alive" theme song in my head. Channel 11 had great personalities such as Jeffrey Lyons and his movie reviews, Jerry Girard with sports and great shows too.

Do you recall the WPIX show called "The Magic Garden"? There were two female hosts that would sing songs, play acoustic guitar and talk to a big pink squirrel named Sherlock. If you remember this show you now have the chance to be part of the Magic Garden documentary.

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The Magic Garden aired every weekday on WPIX from 1972 to 1984 and featured Carole Demas and Paula Janis spending time with their friends in the Magic Garden including the Magic Tree, the Chuckle Path and Flapper the bird.

Out of the Woods Productions is creating a documentary, titled "Magic Garden, Magic Women", about the children's program and you could be part of it with your pictures, videos, artwork and stories about the show.

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YouTube.com-Magic Garden Magic Women

Producers are holding a casting call for the documentary and they are looking for your story about the Magic Garden. Audition by submitting a 2 minute video HERE illustrating how Carole and Paula influenced you and your life.

  • Was the Magic Garden a much-needed escape from a tumultuous childhood?
  • Did they inspire your career?
  • Did they inspire you to be your fully realized self, or in any other major way?
518 news, casting call New York, Magic Garden
YouTube.com-Magic Garden Magic Women

Producers are also looking for any pictures and video from the show, with Carole and Paula or anything Magic Garden related. Submit any and all materials HERE.

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