The frontman of Buckcherry joined me on my show on Q103 and shared the secret to ensuring that you sound good on the concert stage. Todd says he sees a lot of new bands who are using auto tuning on the vocals in their music. By incorporating more electronic sounds with each song, it makes it hard for a band to recreate that same sound on stage.

Todd says Buckcherry tries to refrain from doing that with their music to insure sound equally as good and pure on stage as they do when you buy their CDs. When I asked him if he thought this was a direction music was inevitably going, he told me that there is still a lot of real talent in the music world. Not just in the rock world, but pop artists can still survive without the artificial help and sound.

 "There’s [sic] some pop artists in the pop world that are doing it right, like Sam Smith and Bruno Mars.” –Josh Todd

Buckcherry is coming to Upstate Concert Hall on Dec. 16. In our conversation, Todd told me all about what you can expect from their show. He also discussed some interesting birthday gifts he has received from his bandmates and the "Crazy Bitch" adult toy line.

The conversation took a few left turns from talking about music, adult toys, and the belief of how long an album should and shouldn't be.

All these topics and more were covered:

“The secret is we don’t like to put like a ton of auto-tune vocals on our tracks,  like a lot of the rock bands you hear on the radio.”

“All these other bands that you’re seeing now are just playing tracks and not even playing a lot of what you are hearing coming out of the PA.”

“We grew up on EP and we’ve always wanted to do one.”

“I’ve never wanted to do more than 10 songs.”

“We’re in the game constantly.”  –Josh Todd