Back in the early 80's, Journey was on fire touring the world on their "Escape" tour. Punching out songs like "Don't Stop Believin" and "Stone in Love". On their way to an August 27th, 1981 date at SPAC, keyboardist Jonathan Cain claims a song came to him in a dream and he scribbled down some lyrics on a napkin. He then worked out the melody on a grand piano backstage at SPAC and had the entire song composed in a half hour. The song was one of their trademark hits, "Faithfully".

The song was the second hit off the "Frontiers" album behind "Separate Ways(Worlds Apart)" and reached number 12 on the billboard top 100.  According to the liner notes in Journey's Time3 compilation, Cain paid tribute to road manager Pat Morrow and stage manager Benny Collins when he wrote "we all need the clowns to make us smile." He characterized the song as a "road song," remarking, "You know I'm being a good dog out here — don't worry about it."

It just so happens that in the time since, as many other artists come through SPAC and hear the story of "Faithfully", they make it a point to noodle around on that same piano that still sits in the wings, in hopes that lightening may strike twice.


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