I'm so happy right now! Like, oh my goooooood, happy. My number one performer Justin Bieber is ok! Phewww!!! Yeah, the Biebs seems to be ok after a fan rushed the stage while he was performing in Dubai.

Let me tell you- I was nervous for a second. I mean, come on, it's the Biebs! With hit songs like 'Boyfriend' and 'Beauty and the beat', losing the Biebs to some crazy 12 yr old could be devastating to my existence. Seriously, those are my go to records when I'm tossing back 40's of OE looking at pics of Selena Gomez.

Twitter Screenshot

But I digress:

The Biebs is sitting at his piano belting out one of his classics when some crazy fan runs on stage and gives him a big hug.


Notice how that piano didn't make a peep when it was knocked on it's side? Hmmmmm....