As if Q103 listeners don't do this on a daily basis already, Comedy Central has announced that their next roast will be the roast of Justin Bieber. The news is still fresh and there are a lot of questions, like: is this a publicity stunt? Do I even care? Will this blow up in Comedy Central's Face? Why is Justin Bieber still alive? They could not get Bill Cosby?


Bielebe it or not, I don't know how to spell that correctly and I don't care. Here is a link from RollingStone about the roast:

Unfortunately, this is going to get Bieber a lot of attention. The only real good that can come from this is if Bieber can't handle being roasted and tries to pick a fight with one of the roasters. In that case, I hope Mike Tyson will be on the panel.

Like my fellow comedians, I do my Bieber roasting on stage, but I don't want to have all the fun. So let's start this roast early! Burn Bieber Burn!

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