$500,000 just for one date with a Richard Lugner, a rich dude who looks like an old melting version of Robert Dinero? Kim Kardashian is truly the luckiest gal on the planet.

Lugner is an Australian business man who is filthy rich and aging like milk. Also Lugner enjoys having the company of fine ladies by his side and is willing to pay big bucks for it. Such is the case with Kim Kardashian when he paid her $500,000 to be his date to a ritzy opera ball.

All appeared to be going just as boring and awful as one might imagine this date to go until the high light of the evening happened. Reports are saying that Kim and her decomposing wax figure of a date were approached by a man in black face attempting to impersonate Kanye West. It was suspected that this delightful racist was not acting on his own accord.

"It was a guy hired by the creepy old man," -source close to Kardashian, dailynews

What a marvelous move. Everyone knows the best way to reach girls heart is money. If money doesn’t work than do something incredibly racist and offensive. Also remember to be as racist as possible and it’s very important to direct your racism towards someone the women loves.

Keep in mind this is an alleged act of racism. There is no proof this man payed the dude in black face. So i don't wish to slander this man with out hard evidence. however, he did pay $500,000 for a date with Kim K. and that alone is creepy enough.

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