If you have even taken a glance at the news recently, I'm sure you've seen the devastation from the fires raging in Australia.

But sifting through the news and articles, I found some positive news about the situation. Some rockers are really stepping up and, well, showing what it means to rock.  Metallica for starters announced a $750,000 donation to help support relief efforts, according to Billboard. Also, Ultimate Classic Rock pledged $516,000 with their foundation 'All Within my Hands'.  So I'm not sure of the exact number between the two, but either way, kudos to them for helping out.

I also caught news of some other musicians making a huge impact with this.  Ultimate Classic Rock also mentioned Elton John's $1 million pledge, as well as Queen's benefit concert.  The rockers of Queen will be in Sydney February 16th to hold a benefit concert, yet the full lineup isn't announced as of now.

Of course the fires have been horrible news recently, but it really rocks to see these bands and artists help when they can.

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