If you are one of those people that like to go to shows and talk through the bands entire set this weeks episode is for YOU!

Earlier this week I was at SPAC to see Kings of Leon and Nathaniel Ratelieff & the Night Sweats. I made sure to get there early because I have been trying to see Nathaniel Ratelieff for a couple years now and it has never really worked out. So I get to my seats and anxiously wait for the show to start.

While waiting, there was a fair amount of chatter going on on the balcony and I didn't really think anything of it, that is until the band started and literally everyone around me was still sitting there running their mouths. Not only did they continue to b.s. but they were now shouting to talk over the music. I was so annoyed that I moved to an empty row but I was absolutely baffled by the fact that these people had no respect for the artists performing or for their fellow concert goers who paid to come see the bands perform not listen to shouting conversations from their seatmates.

So on this weeks Free Advice Friday we offer up this piece of advice: Stop Talking While the Band is Playing! Save the conversations for intermission or take it somewhere else during the show. It's annoying, obnoxious, and just plain RUDE!

Seriously, I have yelled at several close friends for doing this at shows. Just don't, please don't.

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