Oh c’mon man, isn’t that a lot much? Talk about going to the extreme, and then not even meaning it.

 “Now or never” is what Lebron tweeted at about 2:30 am early Thursday morning going into game 5. So what could that possibly mean? If you ask me about someone saying that during the NBA finals, I’d say that if he doesn’t win now… that’s it. He’ll retire and call it quits. And we know that’s not going to happen. It’s the things like this that make me hate on Lebron even more. He knows that everyone scrutinizes everything little thing he says or does. Why make a dumb false statement like that? Now I can’t even consider believing anything he says. He claims that it was just a personal message to himself, then why not text it to yourself? Or write it down, take a picture of it and make it your cell phone wallpaper. But if it’s just for you, why put it on a social media? Why am I so concerned about it anyway? I had to blog about something, so this is where I went. I’ve been a little concerned lately about my angst towards Lebron, and I kind of feel that if he were to win a championship, that I wouldn’t hate him so much. The reason I don’t care for him is that there’s always been so much hype, but nothing to show for it. I used to really hate on Peyton Manning too, until he won a super bowl. And then I was kind of happy for him. Because to me, he finally proved that he could win the big one.

So the dilemma is that I have money on the Mavericks to win the series. This means if Dallas wins, I score some cash. But if the Heat can pull off 2 in a row, maybe I’ll be mentally healthier by finally letting go of the ‘Lebron hate’. What would you do? I’m rooting for the money! Go Mavs!