According to a statement posted on their Facebook page [Korn- Official Facebook] Korn have tapped 12 year old bassist Tye Trujillo to fill in with the band on their South American tour.  The band embarks for tour April 17th, and Fieldy isn't able to make it.  The band simply notes this but no specific explanation why.  However, they do note their excitement about performing with a young musician like Tye.  And if the name sounds familiar, that's because it is.  Tye Trujillo is the son of Metallica's Robert Trujillo.

According to the band's statement, Fieldy will return to the stage with the band on May 6th.

For those who think it's on the bizarre end to have a youngster touring with a rock band, I'll just throw out a reminder that Wolfgang Van Halen, born in 1991, began performing stints with Van Halen in 2004, and touring with the band as bassist in 2007 at the age of 16.  And as someone who saw Van Halen during those years, I can say the live show rocked!