Laila Ali said that she can beat Ronda Rousey, If Laila Ali came out of retirement to take on Ronda Rousey it would be epic. I think it should happen. 


This can be our generations Ali vs. Frazier, because of the effect it can have on American culture. It's Boxing vs. MMA, featuring Female Professional Fighters.

It is all about the cultural significance, it is a metaphor that represents how times are changing.

Think about it; If you told Muhammad Ali in 1971, that in 2015 his daughter will come out of retirement from Boxing to take down a Mixed Martial Arts fighter who is considered to be 'unbeatable' he would probably think that you're crazy.

It is the most unlikely scenario; where it is up to a woman, to come out of retirement to defend the supremacy of American Boxing. It's the old way vs. the new way, and in more ways then one.

If this is not culturally significant enough for you, then what is?



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