If you love comedy and don’t know who Larry David is, you’re missing out. Larry David (aka LD) is the co-creator of Seinfeld. He is the guy that George Castanza’s character is based on. He is truly a comedic genius.

 I had never heard of him until about 5 years ago when Mike Graney of Graney’s Bar & Grille clued me in as he knew I absolutely loved Seinfeld from referring to it on the air so much. He told me that if I really loved Seinfeld that I had to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. And he was right. I didn’t quite take to it the first couple times, but one night I came home with a little buzz on and decided to try it one more time in that state. And I finally got it. It’s not like you need to be drunk to enjoy Curb, because since then I almost always watch it sober. But for some reason I needed that euphoric state to grab on.

Hopefully Larry will be giving us some details about an upcoming 8th season on the Tonight Show this evening. If you like Seinfeld at all, do yourself a favor and rent a season or 2 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. But don’t bother watching it on FOX, first it’s just not the same without the foul language, and besides, for some reason it’s never in HD and the picture just sucks. Go for the real deal on DVD, or just get HBO. It’s worth it!