For selfish reasons, the moment I saw that this television news was trending on Monday I wanted to write about it.  It's been over 2 years since it last aired, and this is my #1 all-time favorite TV comedy; funnier than Seinfeld better than Friends. Anyway, I digress. Here's the good news:  Curb Your Enthusiasm IS indeed coming back to HBO for a 10th season and will begin airing new episodes in early 2020.

Larry David is my television spirit animal and while I'm not necessarily proud of that, I can't ignore it. He's quirky, weird, callous, unfiltered, politically incorrect and so inexplicably bothered by the innocuous and inconsequential, that sometimes I wish I just I could be him.

Larry David's character says and does exactly what he wants, and the rest of the cast either brilliantly feed into his neurotic ways or are completely disgusted by them...that's my kind of guy!

According to to co-star Jeff Garlin new episodes will begin airing in January.

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