Beff's PWB in Latham closed after 4 months. 471 Troy-Schenectady Rd in Latham is one of the corners that Latham was founded upon, but no business can seem to find a home on 'the corner.'

Credit: Google

Beff's PWB, Bob & Ron's Fish Fry, Papa John's, Sammy's Pizza and I am pretty sure that there was some kind of pet grooming business there too... but when I googled House of Dogs it gave me a different address. Although I am pretty sure that House of Dogs was located at 'the corner', it does not matter because nothing seems to last on that corner.

The question is: Why doesn't any business last there?

Is it parking?

Is it access?

Smoker's Choice, Bella Napoli, and Taco Bell have similar weird parking and awkward entrances/exits and they do fine.

Is it possible that the corner is cursed?

Old Loudon Rd was built during the French and Indian War. Perhaps the corner is sacred land?

In that case, why don't we put a nice little park there, one like that pointless little park at the corner of Route 9 and Menands Rd with the big clock? I never see anyone in that park and they have a gazebo. That's not fair, Latham deserves a gazebo. Unfortunately, If they put one at that corner all the people from Troy waiting for the bus will sit there and keep telling anyone who walks or drives by: "I'm from Troy!"

So.... what to do?

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