In another sad turn of events for one of the greatest football players of all-time, the often troubled Lawrence Taylor had his Super Bowl ring sold at an auction.  As it turns out, "LT", had no idea it was even being sold.

It appears that LT gave his Super Bowl XXV ring to his son, TJ.  TJ had permission to do with the ring what he pleased.  TJ decided to place the priceless piece of history up for auction, and as it turns out, even priceless items have a price tag.

According to reports, the ring sold for more than $230,000.  In a glorious career overshadowed by drug addiction and sex crimes, LT re-defined the Line Backer position and was a first ballot Hall of Fame player.  Looking at strictly just his on-field accomplishments, it's a damn shame to see this ring hit the auction block.  Another two-time Super Bowl champion felt the same way, in the likes of Osi Umenyiora.

Osi said he would bid on the ring in an attempt to give it back to LT if his Twitter account reached 500,000 followers.  Unfortunately, his account came up 450,000 followers short.  I'm not too sure about that pledge, though.  Osi really expected to gain an additional 450,000 followers?  That's like me saying "I'll buy everyone in the Capital Region a beer as soon as I learn to fly."  I question IF Osi really had intentions of purchasing the ring.

Someone out there in the world is now the owner of NFL history.  Not a bad pick up line when you think about it.  "Yeah, I was the back up punter."  Would you sport the ring if you had 230 g's?