It's been nearly a year since COVID-19 shutdowns started, forcing businesses that had never been conducted online before to find new ways to carry out basic tasks. Not only did corporate America have to swiftly course correct, but the judicial system as well.

At the beginning of the shutdown, hearings and trials were simply delayed, but as the weeks and months progressed, lawyers found themselves talking to judges via computer from their offices and even homes.

Even with the recent slight return to normalcy, Zoom hearings are still happening across the country. In some cases, the results are hilarious.

Take, for example, the court proceeding that happened recently in Texas' 394th Judicial District with the honorable Judge Roy B. Ferguson running into a feline lawyer that wanted to get the hearing done right meow.

Oh wait, that's not a real cat. It's a Zoom filter.

The lawyer cat does eventually clarify that he is, in fact, a human man who is there in person, but he cannot figure out how to turn off his adorable face. To be honest, I think a judge would be much more lenient if those sad eyes were staring up from across the way. Would you be able to sentence that kitty cat's client to a harsh penalty?

The best part of the video is at about six seconds in when there is a visible widening of the eyes as the lawyer in question realizes the gravity of the situation and begins his attempt to claw back from his mistake. I don't know if the lawyer had too much catnip or just simply made the mistake of hitting an extra button while setting up his Zoom early that morning.

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