Scrolling through the news, I saw an article posted by New Channel 13 about the legal age of Bingo in New York State being upped to 18 years old.  It seems it is part of the Charitable Gaming and Bingo Law, that puts Bingo on par with other gambling forms.  Now, prize maximums are higher during Bingo games according to the law, and minors can still attend, but where's the fun for a kind without being able to blot the board or yell BINGO!

I don't know about you, but I grew up in a rural town, and one of the biggest activities in the summertime was Bingo night at the local municipal center.  My great aunt would round up all of my cousins and I, and take us to the Bingo games to play.  Afterwards, we'd go out for an ice cream.  In a time without cell phones and internet, Bingo nights were one of the most fun pastimes in the summer aside from music concerts and hanging in the creek.  It wasn't about gambling- us kids had no clue what gambling even was.  It was just a fun interactive activity. But if I was a kid and you brought me to the Bingo games and didn't let me play?! I'd go stir crazy!  And frankly, I don't feel like there's any harm with letting kids play an interactive game with their family that's not much different than a board game.