Alright, maybe I am using the word legendary incorrectly. But hear me out, this is a beer that everyone has a story about.

Genesee Beer is changing up their design a bit. Its been about 8 years or so since they have done such. Back when they changed last time they went with the retro vibe. This was before other beer makers had done so. When you think Genesee you think of a classic white background and red oval logo. Now they will change it up just a touch with a huge focus on the breweries founded date.

What I want to know, is Genesee legendary? I have a soft spot in my heart for it as I grew up with a dad that drank it. I have drank it, and unlike a lot of people, I don't mind it. Sure it has some not so kind nicknames. But I like it. Its Genny.

Side note, I named my cat Genny.

See photos of the new can design from Genesee from NYUP here.