It is almost a week away from the actual holiday but today is the day when most of us head out, Irish or not, to celebrate.


So March 17 is officially St. Patrick's Day, but the big parade in Albany takes place the weekend before.  We have about 2 years before the actual holiday falls on a Saturday and then I'm sure all hell will break loose.  I know that I will be heading down to enjoy myself some of that green beer (pictured from on the left from Savannah's) and possibly some Guinness.

The part I don't understand is the people who all of a sudden develop all this Irish pride.  I for am not Irish, I am Italian.  Today however I let bygones be bygones, throw on some green and party my ass off.  Well not to bad.  I hate the feeling of being hung over.  So I'll get my best Irish buzz going today in honor of all of those who are stuck at work or home or whatever it is that's keeping you away from all the festivities of  downtown Albany today.

Now as far as the real St. Patty's day goes, Q103 will be rocking down at Maggie's Sports Bar on Western Ave in Albany from 4p-6p so make sure you swing by there to continue your party. Everyone be safe today!  Don't do anything I wouldn't do!