One of the great things about living in Upstate New York this time of  year?  All of the great Halloween attractions around.

Last night, I went to check out Liberty Ridge Farm in Schaghticoke to kick off my upcoming series of haunted events.  Never having been here before, I heard great reviews and decided to go.

I honestly have to say, at first when I arrived I wasn't really sold. Here's why-  I showed up during a rush when everyone else did, and had to wait on a long line for the least scary attraction of all of them.  I'm a hard sell as a horror fanatic.  So of course, I waited on a line and went through the first exhibit which didn't seem too scary, and I was a little bit bummed.

But oh, no.  It was worth the wait.  The next 5 attractions got scarier and scarier.  I screamed and sprinted with my friends in the huge corn maze, from creepy crawlers and chainsaws.  We shrieked in the woods, and tried to find our way out of the horrors.  It almost made it scarier having started off with something so mild, and then being thrown into a complete fear-fest.

Also, even though I wasn't there for family fun (I'm all about the screams), they also had a whole field of games and activities, which was pretty cool.  I'd say this is absolutely worth checking out for your Halloween season.  I know I'm sold on going back again.  You can get more info here.

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