Whether you like her or not, you will probably try and take a peak at the Lindsay Lohan issue of Playboy.  Lindsay finally had a bright idea, and posted a pic of her Playboy cover online for everyone to look at.  It would irresponsible for us to not show it to you. Over all, I would have to say that Lohan looks pretty good on the cover.  Her lady parts strategically covered by the trademark Playboy bunny, it leaves just enough to the imagination to make you want to flip through.  I stand by my theory that no matter who the celebrity is, people will want to see them naked.

The issue itself isn't going to be out until late December and Lohan will reportedly reveal some of her spread on Ellen on December 15th.   She earned around $1 million for the photo shoot, which her rep says is very "tasteful".  Photoshopped as hell no doubt too.



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