Playboy magazine officially announced that there will no longer be nude pictorials in their publication, meanwhile Larry Flynt and Hustler Magazine are still showing you everything you want to see, and sometimes what you don't want to see.


I am not a just a Larry Flynt fan because of the pictures in his magazines or on his web site, I am a Larry Flynt fan for what he stands for, the man took a bullet, so that we can look at dirty pictures of naked woman.

Larry Flynt came from nothing, and built an empire, Hugh Hefner did not have to endure half of what Larry Flynt did.

I could not find the clip I wanted to from The People vs Larry Flynt, where Larry Flynt gives his speech about how "Playboy is mocking you." I wanted to use that clip, because it's true.

Ever try to read Playboy? it's like Cosmo for men, with a couple of 'tasteful nude pictorials' of airbrushed models, and the articles in the magazine are intended for an imaginary demographic.

Hustler is all about, dirty, rotten fun!

So I don't care that Playboy is no longer going to be showing nude pictorials, the only time it was ever worth looking at is when a celebrity posed nude, and now if you want to see that, all you have to do is follow their instagram or twitter.

The internet killed the Playboy, but it can't touch the Hustler.



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