Listening to loud music could be bad for yo. A study was recently conducted to determine whether or not listening to loud music causes risky behaviors. The result... yes it does! Really all you have to do is go to a rock show and see risky behaviors in person. Those behaviors include excessive drinking, smoking pot and having unsafe sex. I witnessed it Monday night at Buckcherry

The Los Angeles Times reports that teens and young adults who use ear buds to listen to music at the "risky" level of 89 dBA for at least an hour each day were nearly twice as likely as non-listeners to smoke pot. In addition, those who hang out at concerts or dance clubs are almost six times as likely to binge drink as those who stay home.

We've all seen the drunk person who could barely stand, fall into people spilling their drinks, rubbing their crotches against others and then ending up in a car in the parking lot with no clothes on. Love rock shows and like the song says Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll is all I need.

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