As if college hoops wasn't exciting enough at the moment one team just scored the entire country FREE PIZZA!!!!

So last week as the NCAA Tournament was kicking off the pizza chain Little Caesar's posted to their Facebook page that if a if a number 16 seed team beats a number 1 seed in men's basketball (a feat that had yet to be accomplished) that the pizza chain would hook everyone in America with a free lunch combo that comes with  4 slices of deep dish pizza and a 20oz Pepsi product.

Well on Friday "Crazy happened" and the University of Maryland-Baltimore County  became the first number 16 seed to ever beat a number 1 seed when they beat Virginia 74-54.

So as a result Little Caesar's intends to make good on their promise so on Monday April 2nd if you stop by any participating restaurant between 11:30am and 1pm you can get yourself a free lunch combo! Of course there are a few terms and conditions which you can view here.