Recently I reported that Doctor Anthony Fauci believes "theaters and other venues could reopen some time in the fall of 2021”. That is when Governor Cuomo said "hold my beer". Not exactly, but, as reported by News 10 ABC Governor Cuomo announced a plan for concerts and events to return to New York by February! 2021!!

Rolling with this momentum I looked into certain events and venues around New York and found that The Governors Ball, for example, is moving forward with plans to hold their 3 day festival September 24 through September 26, 2021. Can this be?

According to their Facebook page, Governors Ball will continue to work closely with New York City and New York State authorities to ensure a safe experience for all. Fans of the festival have a mixed reaction reflected in their Facebook comments:

  • "You spelled 2022 wrong" - Peter
  • "So COVID is gone in the fall?" - Eric
  • "Sign me up. Best time ever" - Elizabeth
  • "Not gonna happen" - Amy

Many also expressed anxiety over the promotional picture used with the post as it showed tens of thousands of fans shoulder to shoulder and nuts to butts as they say. Are we ready for this?

According to their FAQ Page The Governors Ball 2021 believes - Given that vaccines are rolling out and many experts predict a return to live music events in the Fall, we are hopeful. We’re booking an amazing lineup and making sure all suggested safety protocols are followed.

Are the artists ready to return to the stage, which also means, travel, hotels, restaurants and encounters with a large number of strangers. In the history of The Governors Ball the line-up has been varied with everyone from Guns N' Roses to Kanye WestFinoa Apple  and TOOL having played the event.

What does monster concert promoter Live Nation have to say about the return of live music performances. Back in December Joe Birchtold, President of Live Nation, appeared on the CNBC program Squawk Alley where he expressed his confidence in a Summer return. Birchtold stated "It's our expectation in general that we will be able to get back to full capacity shows and we won't need social distancing, certainly outdoors by next Summer."

Doctor Fauci went on to say that the timeline would depend on the vaccination rollout, and suggested that audiences might still be required to wear masks for some time. Fauci and other experts suggest that the country would need to reach an effective level of herd immunity, which he defined as vaccinating from 70 percent to 85 percent of the population.

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, are you ready for the return of live music?

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