I bet this is something you never realized, I mean maybe you have if you have ever applied to one of these schools. They make a lot off of rejected applications. Here are the top ones.

Now, the list below is only pertaining to universities or colleges within the confines of the Capital Region. Lets not even get into the argument about the bounderies, okay?

So here you go.

Skidmore College in Saratoga. They rank in at number 23 in the state for most revenue earned for rejected applications. Total amount in dollars, 423,215. An application fee is $65.

UAlbany came in at the number 18 spot in the state. They made a decent amount of money too off of the applications. $542,750. Fee is $50.

And I'm sure you can make an educated guess who made the most in the area, pardon the pun.

RPI, they had a nice whopping amount too pulled in. $721,630. Their fee is about on par with Skidmore, $70. This makes them number 13 in the state.

See the full list from NYUP, here.

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