Dealing with everything the coronavirus has taken away from us as an adult is one thing. Not being able to go to bars, work, parties and generally being nervous about what the future holds.

Think about this, you're 9-years-old and you've been waiting all year for your birthday party. All your friends are invited and you're going to get cake and presents and be the center of attention for an entire day. That's a huge deal to a kid. The coronavirus has stolen that away from our kids that have spring birthdays. Sure you can have aq family party, but to kids that's just not the same.

Several local fire departments are trying to bring a little joy to these kids on their special day. Burnt Hill Fire Department, Saratoga, and several others are offering a fire truck birthday parade for kids birthdays. Basically, you call your local fire department,m let them know when your child's birthday is and if they are available they will drive by with their lights and sirens blaring to put a smile on your little ones face.

Pretty cool idea if you ask me.


If you know of a child’s whose birthday celebration had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, in BHFD FIRE...

Posted by Burnt Hills Fire Department on Sunday, April 5, 2020


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