This is a pretty cool idea....pun intended. Local police officers in Saratoga, Schenectady, Fulton, and Hamilton counties will be on the lookout for your kids biking, rollerblading and skateboarding while wearing a helmet. If they "catch" them with their helmet on the officers will be issuing ice cream "tickets" to promote helmet safety. Now, my question is are they doing this for adults too? I like ice cream!

A couple years ago I was driving my Jeep in a small town in Kansas when I spotted a police officer standing in the middle of the street. He waved me to stop and was checking to make sure I was wearing my seat belt. Of course I was. He handed me a one dollar bill and said, "It's a buckle up, get a buck weekend here. Thanks for wearing your seal belt." That was pretty cool.

I love the idea of putting a positive spin on interactions with police officers especially for kids.