When it comes to food, I'm your man! No joke, I heart food like a gorilla loves throwing poop! I HEART FOOD. Thanks to BuzzFeed, in advance, for creating the 19 Regional Food Chains You Desperately Wish Would Go National for two reasons. There are a ton of joints that need to be in the Albany area and one local 'shop'  made the list. 

Coming in at #18? Stewart's!

You know why Stewart's is wanted by all? Cause Stewart's makes most of it's product right here in our backyard and they are on every corner, offering everything one would need to survive a snow storm, zombie apocalypse or drunk uncle!

From chips to milk, cookies and K-cups, Stewart's kills it with regard to 'local!' Oh, don't worry- I didn't forget about they're ice cream! And how could I, in the summer you'll stand in line for forever to buy lotto tickets and tic-tac's cause everybody and their mother is loading up on Stewart's kick-a$$ ice cream. And if it's cold out, who cares, ice cream will be served. Stewart's man, everybody loves Stewart's!

Good call BuzzFeed, good call.