We may not have any snow falling from the sky right now but if you look up tonight it should look just as magical.

There's a few times when the sky can really put me in a trance. Like when the snow is falling and it fells like you are flying through space or when the moon is so full it's literally memorizing. Today in the Capital Region temperatures felt more like spring than winter complete with plenty of "spring" showers.

While we may not have snow falling right now there is some pretty magical things that are going on in the sky tonight.  Technically tonight is the winter solstice which means, winter has arrived. Well, along with longer days tonight's winter solstice comes with a couple of extras including a full moon, named the Cold Moon, as well as the Ursid meteor shower. The sky show officially began at 5:23 p.m. EST. so make sure to look up and check it out tonight!

If you want to read more about tonight's astronomical event you can get all the specifics by clicking here.