The boats are back in the water and lake life is underway in New York State. Throughout the season there will be the usual checking of gauges and batteries, polishing metals and making sure the life vests are good to go but what happens when your boat no longer water-worthy?

How does one get rid of a boat in New York State? If you can sell it, that would be the best option but if it's not worth much, or you just don't want the hassle, what do you do? One individual decided to simply dump a boat, trailer and all, on State land.

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One way to get rid of an old boat in New York is to recycle the craft. In Madison County for example, you can get a day use permit to dispose of your boat properly. There is a $20 minimum charge to go over the scale. Much smarter than leaving the boat on State land.

On Thursday May 23rd, according to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), New York State Forest Rangers investigated a report of a boat and trailer dumped at Tonawanda Wildlife Management Area in Royalton, NY.

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Not only was the boat left behind but it was filled with trash. After interviewing numerous subjects, Rangers tracked down the responsible party, ticketed them for a State land violation, and ordered him to remove the boat and trailer.

Before you purchase a boat think about all that is required of you as the owner. From purchase to maintenance to cost and finally disposal. Here is the New York State Boaters Guide for reference.

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