I fully realize that this is probably just a marketing ploy but I have got to tell you it's a pretty brilliant one that I would totally take advantage of.

Ride sharing service Lyft has been getting pretty creative with their marketing and advertising lately. Beer seems to have been their go to recently (makes sense) and every time they try something new it ends up benefiting us in more ways than one.

At the end of 2017 Lyft teamed up with Budweiser for their #GiveADamnProgram in an effort to thwart drunk driving which offered up free rides to and from your weekend festivities after getting the code from Budweiser.

For their new venture they are again sticking to beer and free rides but this time are teaming up with a small craft brewery in Chicago called Baderbrau Brewing to make their own beer called Five Star Lager that will come with free ride codes on the can worth up to $5 off. For the initial run the will be producing 24,000 cans that will be distributed to 10 bars in the Chicago area. If the campaign in Chi town is successful Lyft could be teaming up with other local breweries across the country.

We have some pretty delicious breweries here in the Capital Region that already have some pretty awesome collaborations it would be really cool if their next one came with a safe ride home at a disount.