"Dinner Theatre" as in where you can watch a movie while eating not so much the kind with live performances of singing and dancing.

When Albany's Madison Theatre closed on January 1st 'for cleaning' I think that most of us knew that it wasn't going to reopen quite the same, if it reopened at all.

Well, good news. Looks like the Madison Theatre will indeed be reopening but as expected it won't be the same Madison that the community has come to know and love. However, it does seem like it will still offer a unique movie going experience just with less of a retro experience and more of a modern touch.

The Madison is expected to get taken over by Cosmic Cinemas. According to the TU the plan is for the four screens to get upgraded with state of the art digital projection, add in new rocker seats, show primarily new films, all while offering from scratch meals and high end cocktails while you watch. The new theater is going to cater to the adult moviegoer claiming to be

A refuge for mature moviegoers, banning cell phone use, talking, babies and toddlers under three – except at special Tuesday screenings -- and unaccompanied minors.

As of right now they plan to keep the name 'Madison' and are hoping for a grand opening sometime this summer. You can get all the details on the projects plans here.

Are you excited for a more modern Madison or will you miss the nostalgia of what the Madison once was?

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