August is going to be a rough month for getting around Troy. Between the destruction of the Uncle Sam Parking Garage downtown, ongoing repaving, and the filming of HBO’s second season of Gilded Age, it was already going to be a delicate enough maze to get through the city. Now expect more road closures as a new show comes to Troy to film a supernatural pilot!

With the architecture and beauty of Downtown Troy, more and more production teams and film crews rush to the Capital Region as a stand in for New York City throughout history. For this show, break out your bellbottoms and your magic cloak – it’s the 70s version of what writer and director Nicole Coady describes as “Goodfellas meets Stranger Things.”

Aren’t Road Closings A Witch?

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Now through August 4th, expect local road closures in Troy for The Fortunatos: Witch Mafia. The story revolves around three Italian-America mafiosas in 1970s Little Italy, who also happen to be witches.

In an interview, Coady told News10 the biggest part of the process was working out a schedule with Gilded Age’s production. On Sunday there will be classic 1970s cars lining Washington Park – on Monday? Horses and carriages, when HBO moves in.

Where Are The Road Closings?

Google Maps
Google Maps

As mentioned, Washington Park is be a key location. Washington Place between 2nd Street and 3rd Street will be closed from 8a-7p. 4th Street will also be closed between Washington and Adams as the crew films at DaFazio’s. Coady said the Capital Region pizza staple has the perfect 70s feel she was looking for. To be honest? Any witch that is down with DaFazio’s is alright with me.

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