Heavy legends Iron Maiden had to suddenly cancel a show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when the barrier in front of the stage broke sending tons of crazy Maiden fans right up to the stage.


In what seemed to more of a crowd safety issue than band safety, Iron Maiden abruptly canceled their show last night when the barrier in front of the stage broke due to the massive amount of fan pushing forward to the stage.

The band wasn't even 2 minutes into the first song of the show when the crowd rushed up  to the stage.  Front man Bruce Dickinson urged the crowd to move backward and tried to maintain order, but the rowdy metal crowd was persistent.  Dickinson and the rest of the band said that in the name of safety they would take a quick ten minute break and return to the stage after the fence was repaired, but that never happened because the barrier was completely destroyed.

Dickinson then came back out after 20 minutes and explained to the crowd that the show would not be happening and they would play tomorrow night once the necessary repairs have been made to the protective barrier.  That announcement was of course met with boo's by the already angry metal crowd.  They began to throw things at the stage.

Two things that don't make a whole lot of sense to me: One, the fans weren't really "rushing" the stage (as seen in the video below) so I think Maiden may have jumped the gun here.  Security seemed to have things in order once the fence broke. Two, I don't get why the fans got so mad because they are playing tonight.  It's not like they canceled and said tough luck see you next year, they are sticking around to play the show on their off day.  I think it's pretty cool of them to do that.