Serge Vorobyov claims he wanted to spread some holiday cheer when he dropped 1,000 $1 bills from the fourth floor balcony of the Mall of America in Bloomington onto a crowd of black Friday shoppers. Regardless of what Vorobyov’s intentions were, mall security disapproved of his actions and had him arrested for disorderly conduct.

Some might think this is a gross overreaction to a guy who claims he was just trying to do something nice. But after watching this turd’s video explaining why he did this money-dropping stunt it’s pretty clear his intentions were not to be nice. Clearly this dude was attempting to spark an angry sweaty mob of black Friday shoppers into a massive money grabbing riot. A riot he could capture on his camera and push as a viral video. The money was like dropping raw bacon pieces into a crowded fish tank full of piranhas. The only issue: this dude didn’t get the result he wanted, however he is still getting the attention. I call shenanigans on this whole thing. I want blood!