It's mostly used as an empty threat when you're mad at someone: "I'll shove my foot right up your a--". In Russia, well it's a literal term.

28 year old Vladimir Krasnov kill his friend Sergey, 48. Reports say that Vlad was in a jealous rage and put his foot “into the victim’s anus and rectum” to teach him a lesson. Sergy suffered internal bleeding and died from the injuries.

Now, Vlad faces up to 15 years in jail where I am sure he will learn a thing or two about proper rectum insertion. Vlad and his girlfriend maintain that alcohol was heavily involved in the indecent saying "nothing like this would happen if I were sober."

Many more questions need to be answered in this story: What clicked in Vlad's head to make him think of such "revenge"? How far did he get it "up there"? Was he sockless, shoeless, or bare foot? What was the extraction of the foot process like? All these need to be answered.

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