Not only did he ride the bike through the grocery store but he recorded the whole thing and posted it on his own social media channels.

So the story goes ... on September 1st a 23 year old Schenectady man thought it would be a brilliant idea to take his dirt bike for a little joyride through his local grocery store where he scared the crap out of innocent shoppers while popping wheelies in front of the cash registers. In true millennial form, he recorded the entire thing so that he could post it on the internet.

Now if the fact that this guy was willing to risk injuring a bunch of innocent people executing this "prank" for clicks wasn't reason enough to question his intelligence. He was also doing so on a stolen bike and he thought it would be a smart idea to post the video of his escapades on his own personal social media channels.

Needless to say he has since been arrested and is now out on bail facing charges of reckless endangerment and possession of stolen property. Police are currently investigation the incident and are searching for witness from the video and the store and are asking anyone who may have been there to give them a call.

However, his goal to get the clicks and go viral seem to be working. The YouTube video of the ride alone has already racked up over 20,000 views and he doesn't seem to show any remorse for the incident. In fact when News 10 asked him how he felt about the whole ordeal his response was;

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and make sure you like my videos and yeah that's it.

If you would like to add to his clicks feel free to watch the video below.