This story will definitely leave you scratching your head.

Back in February, Andrew King of Schenectady, NY, reported an alleged hate crime that had happened at his home, according to ABC News 10.  Swastikas and hate messages were spray painted on the outside of his house.  King expressed fear, due to his Jewish faith.  But now, it seems as though King may have made the whole thing up.

In a weird twist, Schenectady Police have now arrested King, alleging that he is the one responsible for the graffiti on his own house and falsely reporting the incident.  And in an even stranger twist, King may not even be Jewish himself!  According to people that know King personally, he attempted to convert several times, but has been turned down by various congregations.

King was arrested, and is now claiming that he received two black eyes from the arresting police officers.

Seriously, could this story get any more strange?

Source: News 10 ABC


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