A California man is suing McDonald's for $1.5 million over a single napkin -- and the supposed racial slur the manager used during the ensuing argument the two had. 

Webster Lucas claims he was only given a single napkin with his quarter pounder deluxe meal. According to Lucas, when he returned to the counter to ask for more he was snubbed by the manager with a 'racial slur.'

In the lawsuit, Lucas, who is African-American, says the manager, who is Mexican-American, mumbled "you people" during their argument.

Since then, Lucas says he has missed work thanks to "undue mental anguish." On top of that, he claims he was insulted by the offer of a free burger for the troubles.

We're not rocket scientists here, but don't most (if not all) McDonald's have napkin dispensers near the fountain drink area? Could this problem have been easily resolved if he went over there? And isn't $1.5 million a bit excessive? Heck, doesn't this smell like a frivolous lawsuit?


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