In an interview surrounding the release of his brand new album, 'The Pale Emperor,' Marilyn Manson's words were apparently misinterpreted to state that he was the one who created the term "grunge." In a more recent interview with Esquire, the infamous metal frontman claimed that he only popularized the term.

"I didn't say I invented the word. I said I coined it, in that I popularized it. I think I actually wrote 'grungy,'" said Manson. "So to clarify, I merely claimed that I popularized the word, which is pretty much not accurate, considering the distribution of the periodical that I wrote it in. But I like to self-aggrandize."

He also critiqued the ease at which headlines are created, stating, "It is pretty amusing that that became a headline. I'm like a Furby. You can push me, and then your sound bite comes out, and there you have your headline." When asked what the headline should have been, the singer replied, "'Marilyn Manson deserves to have his d--k sucked for creating the word 'grunge,' and for also making rock and roll cool again, because he's a hooligan.'"

Marilyn Manson's 'The Pale Emperor' dropped yesterday, Jan. 20, via his own Hell, etc. record label and Loma Vista Recordings.

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