New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez could be in a bit of trouble after he allegedly slept with a 17 year old girl.


Oh boy Mark Sanchez, what were you thinking? reported that Jets QB Mark Sanchez may have slept with an underage girl at his New York area home.  Could she be making the whole thing up?  Maybe.  But this wouldn't be the first time Sanchez is in this kind of trouble.

He was reported for sexual assault back when he went to USC when he tried to force himself on a female student.  As of yesterday the high school senior (only being refereed to as E.K.) has back tracked a little bit.  She gave photos of herself and the QB to Deadspin, but now she has hired a lawyer who says that nothing illegal happened between the girl and Sanchez.  Change of heart?  I think there might be a bit of a pay off involved here.  Deadspin did say that there is nothing illegal in the photos and that more details will be coming later today.

What is wrong with NFL QB's?  Deadspin was the site that broke the story about Brett Favre's inappropriate voice mails which led to a investigation by the NFL.  So now Mark Sanchez joins the list of players like Brett Favre and Ben Roethlisberger who apparently can't control themselves off the field.

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