Get ready for some more discounts - online!

The retail store (that almost everyone I know loves) is going to be opening up online shopping.  According to Cbs6Albany, retail company TJX Cos. Inc. - which runs Marshalls and TJ Maxx- is going to be starting an eCommerce website.  Meaning online shopping.  TJ Maxx already has an online site, but Marshalls doesn't yet, so this is a big change.  The site is rumored to launch later this year (not sure exactly when).

While it's exciting to have more access to discounted items, for anyone who's read my blogs before, you know my views on online shopping.  It's great and easy, but I also hold it responsible for so many stores being closed and shut down.  Maybe this is Marshalls' way of saying 'if you can't beat em, join em'.


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