It's official! Wegmans has everything.  The store, known (at least to myself and everyone I know) as the grocery store that has just about everything, is now going even further.  A Natick, Massachusetts Wegmans Super-Store was unveiled at the Natick Mall, and according to The Buffalo News, the Wegmans is not only two-stories but also will include a restaurant and tequila bar.  It's like a one stop shop to buy groceries and have a night out.  Shopping for pet food and produce just got a whole lot more interesting for consumers after some dinner and a few tequila shots.  Is this something that you think should come to the Capital Region too?  We already have a two-store Wal-Mart here in Albany (the biggest in the country!), why not add a restaurant and some liquor.  I personally don't drink, but it would be pretty fun to shop and observe.

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