It looks like the New York Knicks may have blown their opportunity to grab NBA all-star Carmelo Anthony when they turned down a trade deal from Denver earlier this week.


It is no news that the New York Knicks are interested in Carmelo Anthony, and vice versa.  Earlier in the week Denver proposed a trade to the Knicks to get Melo there, but New York was not happy with the offer.  It would have sent Danillo Galinari and Raymond Felton to Denver, and New York was not willing to part with 2 of their favorite players.  Bad move?  You bet it is.  You can always get another Ray Felton or Danillo Galinari but Carmelo Anthony only comes around every once in a while.

Back around Christmas time the New Jersey Nets were interested in Carmelo, but suspended talks.  Now New jersey is right back in it and sources at ESPN say they could be a front runner right now.  Denver is apparently very interested in one of New Jersey's rookies, Derrick Favors and the Nets could also give Denver numerous first round picks.  At this point New York is either going to rethink their previous decision or continue being pig headed.  The Lakers are also still in talks with Denver to bring Melo to LA and Chicago is also interested in getting Anthony in a Bulls uniform.

New York is looking like a much better team this year than in the past 10.  Picking up Amare Stoudemire this off season was a huge move and they are looking like they could grab an 8 seed in the playoffs if things continue the way they are.  With Galinari and Felton, that's all you're looking at though, an 8 seed and done.  Bring in Carmelo Anthony and you are a big time play off contender in one of the biggest sports towns in the country.  Unless New York rethinks their previous decision, I think the city that never sleeps may get burned again.

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