Metallica has gone and totally one-upped themselves.

As 2018 comes to an end, the organization ‘All Within My Hands’, funded by Metallica, has raised a ton of money and is not putting it to use.  The Times Union reported that money raised by events such as a benefit concert and vinyl sales is now being doled out to a really positive cause (in my opinion).  The organization launched the ‘Metallica Scholars Initiative’ aimed at funding career and tech education programs in community colleges.  Even more, they announced that 10 of these colleges will now be getting $100,000.

Seriously, $1 million is being donated to community colleges to help educate in trade skills and prepare people for actual careers.  I’m sorry but even if you don’t Metallica for whatever reason, this is amazing.  Trade workers are a cornerstone of society and beyond a necessity.  Week after week when I crash job sites doing the Q103 Work Day Distraction, I see how hard and how important trade jobs are.  So why not support access to the education and training needed and support all of the future hard workers.  Also, I’m not necessarily a huge fan of when bands get really political.  But something like this? I will totally support it.  Frankly, I’d love to see more bands using their notoriety to do good for communities like this.  You can read more about their program and donation at the Times Union.

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