Metallica stated that on this summer's tour they were going to blow you away. Step one is complete as the band announced they are resurrecting the legendary Snake Pit from the 1993 Black Album tour.  The theme of this summer's tour is the 20th anniversary of the Black Album, they will play it in it's entirety and what would the tour be without the Snake Pit?

The Snake Pit is the diamond shaped pit extending from the middle of the stage. Back in 1993, between 150-200 fans stood inside the show within reach of guitarist Kirk Hammett, drummer Lars Ulrich, bassist Jason Newsted and Metallica's captain, singer-guitarist James Hetfield.

"Hetfield would always bitch about the fact that he wasn't close to the audience"  says former Metallica co-manager Peter Mensch.  The best part of the Snake Pit was that you didn't have to be a VIP to get in. Snake Pit passes were handed out every night to anyone who wanted to experience a Metallica concert from inside out: the hot lights, pyro effects and guitar changes; the close-up blur of fingers on guitar strings and the beads of sweat on the players. Snake Pit Pass holders could come and go, but those who got in usually stayed put for two and a half hours!

Well the pit is back! Get ready to experience it at the Orion Festival June 23rd in Atlantic City, plus as Lars said to be ready for a over the top stage setup, I'm sure there will be more surprises coming soon.


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