From the opening act (the WMD's) to Michael himself Saturday nights show was a Blast.

Brian and Jamie from the WMD's Kicked off the night with a combination of originals and covers. The WMD's are an act from NYC that made the trip up for a chance to play with Michael Glabicki and to show upstate what they had to offer. And trust me the WMD's have two solid albums out already and are about to release their third. If your a fan of Tom Petty, Radio Head or R.E.M check them out.

With the stage well warmed up Michael Glabicki wooed crowd with his first song that started off as a nice chill rock song that progressively got fast had a cool tribal ending. His solo style had a lot of the old Rust Root sound with his own twist, that reminded me of one of my college favorites Dispatch. Michael Glabicki is a must see.

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